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Things you should know about Columbian Gold

Columbian gold is a Sativa strain, which has its origin in the Santa Marta Mountains of Columbia. This strain was used by the inhabitants living nearby the areas for medicinal purposes. Its buds are coated in sticky and fiery orange trichomes and it is named gold because its flowers are of gold colours.

Famous among many cannabis breeders this strain is used as a parent for creating hybrid varieties of cannabis. It is also used as a parent in a hybrid (Skunk#1), which has become main among cannabis users.


It has a THC level of 22%, which is considered high, which makes users feel euphoric high and they feel very active. Also, the focus of users is improved and they feel creative as well. The euphoric high helps in lifting the mood of users. They feel more productive. The THC level gives you a reasonable high without feeling the psychedelic effects of it.

Yield and flowering time

When grown indoors, it takes around 10 to 12 weeks and it gives a yield of at least 14 ounces per square meter. For people opting to grow in indoors, they should install an air filtration system as its flowers have an overpowering smell.

This strain thrives in the outdoor environment because the growth of the plant is natural. The plants can grow to 6 feet tall. It has a flowering period in late November and it takes around 75-80 days to grow.


It is an elusive strain; it can only be cultivated if a person has access to plants for cloning or they have an option to buy from the online seed markets. One should always go with that store/ online seed bank which is reputed.

Medicinal benefits

The Columbian gold strain is not limited to recreational use only; it has medical benefits as well. It helps in lifting the mood of users; they feel positive and happy, which is why it is ideal to be used by people suffering from depression. The euphoric cerebral high you get after minutes of taking it helps in reducing stress.

Its Sativa effect makes people focus on their tasks at hand, which is why it is recommended to persons suffering from ADD/ADHD disorder. Its relives pain and ease down muscle tension as well.

Side effects

Most users who consume this strain complaint of having dry mouth and dry eyes. Some might also feel anxious and paranoid, as well. These side effects are very mild and they are not dangerous, beginners feel these side effects especially.

You can buy this strain either from a dispensary or online store; both have its set of benefits. Many companies offer Columbian gold strain on their websites.